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August 8 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Newspapers are definitely changing quickly as the internet builds in popularity - but getting your website or project featured in a newspaper can still add credibility to your efforts. It's well worth it to work to regularly get yourself or your projects featured in local papers.

I was just featured front page in my local Millbury-Sutton Chronicle for my two novels which won IPPY medals -


This feature then gets me sales, it builds my fan base for future projects, and it adds to my "resume" when I expand my network. So there are many reasons to aim for this type of coverage.

Here are the keys to getting these types of write-ups.

* Timely. Write the papers right when the event or interesting tie-in happens. If it's a seasonal happening, write them in advance so they can plan for it in their schedule. In my case, I wrote them immediately after the IPPY award ceremony so I could include a few photos to help sell the story idea. When I was featured in the Worcester Telegram for my dandelion recipes, I wrote them about a month ahead of "dandelion season" so they'd be able to plan for it. If it's a generic story, find a way to make it interesting to them NOW. What angle can you offer?

* Think Like A Reporter. Don't just send them a press release. They get INUNDATED with those. Send them a personal message that shows why your story is going to get them lots of views and shares. Find that angle for them. Don't make them think it up on their own. Do you support local causes? Feature local goods? Show them why their readers will love the information.

* Be Patient. Even though you write them right on time, they have their own news cycles. The IPPY awards happened on May 29th. I wrote the papers immediately, and I heard back from the Chronicle on July 2nd. We arranged to meet on July 11th. The paper came out today, August 8th. So be sure to plan for that kind of lead time and to be relaxed about the process.

* Keep At It. Not every story will catch their eye. That's OK! Give them a few months, and then try a different angle. You don't want to stalk them, but you also want to be in their awareness. You never know when what you suggest will fit exactly in with what they are looking for.

I posted a thread about this in the Fiction Writing forum. Come let us know what kind of project you want publicity for. Is it a business you run, or a book you've written? We'll give hands-on, creative ideas to bring you the publicity you need for it!


Lisa Shea, owner


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