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September 1 2016 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I know many of you are working on publishing books so I wanted to talk about audiobooks. They can be a wonderful additional revenue stream!

I’ll start with a quick summary of the Scottish Lass situation. One night I had a fully-blown story dream about a Scottish woman in the regency period living in Bath, England and a paranormal event that happens to her. I woke up and scribbled down my notes. That day I wrote book 1 (it’s a short novella). Day 2 I wrote book 2 and day 3 I wrote book 3. So that was the trilogy. I published the series –


Fortunately, due to Outlander’s huge popularity, it gets lots of downloads. Unfortunately, due to Outlander being a MASSIVE epic, I get a lot of complaints that this is too short. People see the “Scottish paranormal!” and just assume it’s a big tome. They get grumpy that it’s short. Even though I call the series a **NOVELLA** series and say that right on the cover. Maybe they don’t know what Novella means. My plan is to bundle it (as I always do) which I think will help but all those grumpy reviews made me emotionally resist working on it to add another 2-3 books to that series before I make my bundle. Which, of course, is silly. If I just wrote those books and made the bundle many of those poor reviews would go away. People would be able to get a big massive tome that they want. So I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain.

SO in any case I have this nicely popular but only 3.5/5 star rated book that I decided to put into the ACX audiobook system to start that process. I just received an audition for a narrator for it. SHE IS PERFECT!!! She is from Scotland and she has the most beautiful voice. And she’s going to do it for free!! Well, for half-half revenue share which, for me, is free. It’s fantastic! It just goes to show how amazing our modern world is for authors.

This gives me even more incentive to push forward and write additional books. That way she can read each book one at a time and then just compile those efforts together and voila the full book version is done. Also she’s brand new to ACX and if she gets too popular then I’ll have to fight with other authors for her time so I might as well use her while she’s got a free schedule.

To make ACX books just go to ACX.com and log on with your Amazon ID. It’s really easy to connect to your book there and to put it up for auditions. You can also listen to thousands of narrators yourself and choose one you like.

Ask with any questions!

Lisa Shea, owner


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