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September 16 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I know the social media world can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes so I'm trying to roll our changes out at a gentle pace, so everyone can feel comfortable with what we're doing :) We're now ready for the Twitter side of things!

We have two different types of Twitter links you can create in your BellaOnline admin. The first is a Site-based Twitter page. This one links to your BellaOnline site and talks about your BellaOnline site. This is now live! You can see the links on every article page.

Here's an example to help you see it. Head to my Garlic Salsa recipe -


Look at the end of the article. First we have our site links and forum promos. It's important those come first. Then the strip of social networking icons, and then the Facebook Like / Send buttons we added last week.

After that comes the new stuff. There are two blue buttons side by side. The left one says "Follow". This lets people follow my Twitter feed with one click. The right one says "Tweet". This lets people forward this specific article to their Twitter followers with one click. Both of those have indicators showing the number of fans and # of times the article has been Tweeted.

If you downloaded that free Social Networking ebook I sent around a few weeks ago, you'll know that the world of numbers is very intriguing! People generally want to join into groups with large numbers. It makes them feel like they're joining a group that is worthwhile. So it's good to have a higher number on the left. Post in the Editor Forum so we can all join your pages, to help boost those numbers.

However, visitors like to feel like they're the first ever person to discover and announce a cool article, so it's actually good if the number on the right is low! They want to feel like nobody else has Tweeted it yet and they can be the first to get the news out.

Something to think about!

So those are the site related Twitter links. In addition we also help you promote all your personal projects! These are your personal Twitter pages, that link to all your non-BellaOnline locations. These can be for books you're writing, soaps you're selling, or anything else.

You can see our editor projects here!


Please support your fellow editors in their projects, and share news of them to your family and friends!

This means all links to Facebook and Twitter are now completely live. If you have any trouble with any of your links, or in getting to any editor links which are live, please let me know. I want to make sure this is all working properly!

Also, if you had any legacy links to Twitter or Facebook in your articles, now would be the time to start pruning those out. We now have at least 5 different active links to Twitter and Facebook on every article page, and it's really dragging down our load time. We want to do everything we can to make those pages load as quickly as possible, so we retain our visitors and let them enjoy your content!

I'm always here for questions or suggestions!

Have a great weekend :)

Lisa Shea, owner


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