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September 18 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations, editors!

We are having a lot of fun with our forum posting contest! Don't forget that you only need to make 30 posts during September to be in the running for the $50 Amazon gift certificate! That's in addition to the prizes that go to the top 2 posters for the month. It's a fun way to get your forum active!

Many editors are using the forums to make great progress in their personal and professional lives. Be sure to swing by our threads on healthy eating, getting active, sorting out your priorities and setting up short term goals that you can reach. We are here to help you!

A few editors have written me saying they really needed help but that the help they needed was on very private issues. For those, post in our Editor Forum area! That forum area is *completely* private and cannot be seen by search engines or any non-editor. It is a great way for you to get assistance and support while staying safe!

Thanks so much to Jilly who has spearheaded our new "Write-Ahead Support Group" which is also in the private editor area. It's a great way to help you get your articles pre-written before we head into the busy holiday season!

We've also created a "Ebook Writing Support Group". If you've always wanted to make an ebook - for extra money and as a step towards publishing a physical book - we are here to help! Post your status in that forum, and we'll help you make progress!

Mused, our literary magazine, is getting ready to publish on the Autumn Equinox of Sept 23rd! You can get a secret sneak-preview of it - just swing by the Mused forum, also in that private forum area, to get the details!


Just a gentle reminder that the "zzz" extension newsletter link that is used for your newsletter promotions should only be used in that email newsletter. That zzz link is never shown or seen anywhere on the web. If it does get shown on the web - via Twitter, Facebook, or any other website, it will instantly get into search engines and now it simply becomes a traffic counter. We already have a traffic counter :) We want that ZZZ extension counter to have a value, and that is by only having it show clicks from email sources.

By keeping the ZZZ link only for email messages, and the traffic counter for all web traffic, we can see very clearly those two groups of people. Again, if the ZZZ link gets on the web anywhere, it instantly gets *everywhere* on the web, and it stops providing any value. It just mirrors the main traffic counter.

For example if you post a ZZZ link on Twitter, for a minute or two it might only show you Twitter clicks. But then Google and other search engines will index it and now it's showing you traffic from Google, and Yahoo, and AOL, and other locations. It can't just show you "Twitter clicks".

I realize this might be a little confusing, so feel free to write me if you have any questions about this!

Lisa Shea, owner

Note that all archives of these system wide messages can be seen in the Editor Assistance site! I number them all so you can keep track of which you receive. If you miss one, be sure to read the archives!


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