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September 3 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

We had an *awesome* chat on Kindness last week! I have put the chat log online in our Editor Assistance idea. We came up with a wealth of ideas on how to overcome personal hurdles and reach your targets in life. It's highly recommended reading! To read it, go to the Editor Assistance site and into the Chat / Forum subject area.


I'm reading a fascinating book by Danielle Laporte on "The Fire Starter Sessions". This is all about reaching your goals in whatever your chosen path is. An interesting idea she presents regards setting priorities. In the past we've talked about long term and short term goals, and aligning them with your life's priorities.

Danielle talks, in addition, about examining your life's *desired feelings*. Do you want to feel joyful? Serene? Secure? Respected? Sit down and make a list of your top feelings you want to achieve. Then think about just three things which would help you feel that way. Are they on your goal list? How could you take a small step this week towards feeling that way?

Her idea is to connect with your creative instincts. Sometimes we get distracted in thinking about tangible destinations. Instead, think about emotional responses. How will you *feel* when you hit your goal? How can you get there?

She makes it clear that you shouldn't judge or over-evaluate your feeling list. If you want to feel "important" that's fine! Go with it, and take some steps!


It's time for us to start finalizing our plans for the upcoming Boston gathering, on October 19-21, in peak foliage season! We've got it narrowed down to three main ideas. We could stay right in the city, for those who want to see Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church, and other classic Boston locations. We could ferry across to Cape Cod, for those who want the full ocean and B&B type experience. Or we could use shuttles / taxis to go about 1/2 hr north to Marblehead MA which would have the woods and foliage, as well as on the ocean. Each provides a different aspect of the Boston area.

Please respond back if you're planning on coming, which days you'll probably be in town, and which of the three appeals to you the most. That way we can move forward on our fun weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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