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September 6 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations, Editors!

Thanks so much to Moe (Large & Lovely Site) who suggested we add colored stripes to our traffic and article listing reports! She thought the stripes would make the reports easier to read, and she is quite right!

Kudos to Moe! We definitely encourage suggestions from all editors! It is your suggestions which make the site easier to use for everyone :)


Jilly / Editor Help Manager has formed a group of editors who want to build a buffer of written-ahead articles for their site. These pre-written articles help editors be relaxed in their writing, because they always know their site is pre-written and will have weekly articles without stress. If you want to join this group, be sure to post in the Editor forum! We would love to have you join, and to get the group support!


Moss Greene of our Nutriton site is our first July winner! She's been writing with us since June, 2002! Moss has absolutely fantastic information about omega 3 oils, the nutrition in various food items, and ways to stay healthy. I absolutely recommend every editor here read the nutrition site regularly to stay healthy and active!


Our second July winner is LeeAnn Bonds, who runs our Bible Basics site. LeeAnn has been managing this site since July 2009. The Bible is the foundation for most people, in whatever religion they follow. LeeAnn writes many thought-provoking articles. Look at this one about the basics of the ten commandments -


How many commandments do each of us break every day? We might think we are "good" people - but do we lie? Do we covet? What have we accepted as "normal behavior" which we should really give thought to? LeeAnn gives us a reminder to consider what we do each day, and to strive to become better in whatever path we have chosen.

Moss and LeeAnn - please write me with what email address you'd like me to send your $50 gift certificate to, for your weekly (and more!!) writing from April through June!

Lisa Shea, owner


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