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September 7 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

It looks like most editors would like the upcoming Boston Gathering on Oct 19-21 to be in either Marblehead or Provincetown Cape Cod. They enjoy the idea of ocean and foliage, vs being in the city. If your desire is the city, please respond back to me quickly so we know there's a group of city-minded editors in the mix. Otherwise we'll move forward with scoping out those two more "retreat" style locations!

I'm still reading the Fire Starter book, and it has a lot of great information on getting yourself fired up to achieve your goals. Much of it is aimed towards someone running their own business.

One interesting thing it asks you to do is imagine this. Imagine you're at a casual get-together with fascinating people and you're happy to be there. It's whatever your ideal environment would be. And then someone comes up to you, smiles at you warmly, and asks,

"So what do you do?"

Do you feel immensely proud at what you answer? Do you feel embarrassed? Do you sort of hedge your answer, along the lines of "well I *used* to be ... but right now I'm just ..."

The author feels that each of us should be immensely proud of where we are in life, and what our plans are. Yes, maybe we're working part-time as a cashier, but we are working on the novel of our dreams. That's fine! Maybe we are raising our kids, which is an admirable, challenging task. What we are doing is a step on our path. We should have joy in where we are going.

Think about what answer you would give. Would you be joyful when you gave it? We all make trade-offs, and that is ok. We thrive when we focus on the progress we are making, rather than dwell on what we are "giving up". Every life has ups and downs. Often it's a temporary setback which allows us to reach our true goals! Think of all the setbacks that famous people dealt with, and those twists helped them to get where they could shine.

Georgia O'Keeffe gave up painting for *years* figuring she was a failure at it. Eventually she tried again, and she reached great fame. She dealt with nervous breakdowns and other issues. She plugged along and found her way.

I've started a thread on this - let's all help each other thrive and succeed!


Lisa Shea, owner


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