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January 25 2012 Exotic Pets Newsletter

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Sometimes children, teenagers, and even adults get lonely. I found a cure for that loneliness when I was a youngster. Find out why the little rat or ratties is an exotic pet cure all. Perhaps the perfect first pet.

Rats – Ratties Perhaps the Perfect Exotic Pets
Are there any exotic pets that could be the perfect pet? Rats or ratties certainly come close. They are sweet, intelligent, gentle, and make a great companion or friend. The rat can also be a trustworthy confidant for a child, teenager, or adult that needs a friend.


Hint for the week. Let's have some fun learning about something that isn't necessarily and exotic pet.

Using medications on fish can be difficult. Many manufacturers combine medications making the process confusing. Make sure you read through the labels to find out what type of illness the medication treats.

How do you know if a fish may be ill?
A fish is sick if he swims sideways.
If he refuses food for a couple of days.
Fins clamped close to his body.
It sinks or swirls.
Scratching up against plants and tank decorations
It becomes very active when it normally isn't
If formally active and he becomes lethargic or still, It's belly is distended.
It gasps at the water surface.
Its gills look purple.
Lesions or white patches appear on his skin.
If he has been floating at the top of the tank, I'm afraid it's to late to treat this fish, give him a proper burial and treat the other fish in the tank pronto!

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