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February 27 2010 Exotic Pets Newsletter

Thank you to Scott Hadley, Buck, and Jennie Smolow for the contribution to this week’s article. I so wanted to do a positive article. There seems to be so much negative press about exotic pets and exotic pet owners. These stories are only a minuscule part of the millions of stories you never hear or see. These are the stories of undeniable love; the stories never told because they don’t include blood, shock, and gore.

Exotic Pets What You Never Hear

Dakota Provisions - Pet Byproducts
Dakota Provisions in Huron South Dakota has proposed a byproduct facility. Exactly what is a byproduct and is it good or bad for our pets? What IS a byproduct?


I am seeing more and more posts in the forum and I love the feedback, the sharing, and the questions, however I would like to see more interaction between our exotic pet members. You have so much experience to share with each other. http://forums.bellaonline.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=100

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If you need something for your pet you may want to take a look in my pet shops. But never feel strong armed to buy – ever. It is just appreciated if you do. As you probably know the funds from our BellaOnline ads are donated to various organizations. It is up to the individual editor to soft sale to make money on their site. All of us are far more interested in our subject – my interest in my subjects is making sure animals are raised right, people have the knowledge to raise them, safety issues, and so much more involved with exotic pets.

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Diana Geiger, Exotic Pets Editor

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