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July 25 2010 Japanese Food Newsletter

Cool yourself this summer with some icy Japanese treats. Shaved ice is sold everywhere during hot weather, but are you familiar with traditional Japanese versions of the snow cone?

Here are this week’s recipes:

Shirokuma Polar Bear Shaved Ice Recipe
A type of kakigori or shaved ice, shirokuma means polar bear. Its name comes from the white color of the sweetened condensed milk in the recipe

Green Tea Kakigori Shaved Ice Recipe
Japanese snow cones feature a colorful assortment of flavors like green tea, condensed milk and the ever popular red azuki bean paste (anko).

Anmitsu Cream Anmitsu Mitsumame Recipes
Relief from summer heat is a spoonful away with these three popular Japanese gelatin dishes.

Shiratama Dango Recipe
These soft white balls of glutinous rice are eaten in both sweet and savory dishes.

Your Japanese phrase of the week: “Atsui desu ne.” (aht-soo-ee deh-soo neh) It’s hot, isn’t it? This refers to physical heat as in the weather or food.

Food for thought:

“Time heals everything. Be patient and everything will fall into place.” ~ Anonymous

“Sometimes, the smallest decisions can change your life forever.” ~ Keri Russell

Until next time, enjoy your summer!


Chidori Phillips
Bellaonline.com Japanese food editor

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