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August 2 2010 Japanese Food Newsletter

This week’s recipes include one about fish roe and the more common types enjoyed in Japanese cuisine and then a quick and easy tempura batter recipe for a friend of mine.

Fish Roe in Japanese Cuisine
The eggs of fish and sea creatures are sushi bar staples. Here is a short primer so you can know the basics.

Quick and Easy Tempura Recipe
Tempura, battered and deep-fried, was introduced by the Portugese. The Japanese improved upon the heavy texture but it takes a skilled hand. This version is more like the original, and it is quick and easy.



Your Japanese food phrases of the week:

“Menyu wo kudasai.” (men-yoo oh koo-dah-sah-ee) Menu, please or may I have a menu, please?

“Order wo onegai shimasu.” (ohr-der oh oh-neh-gah-ee shee-mah-soo) Can you take our order, please?

“Kore wo kudasai.” (koh-reh oh koo-dah-sah-ee) I’ll have this (be sure to point at the item you want on the menu when saying this.)

“Osusume wa dono Ryouri desu ka?” (oh-soo-soo-meh wah doh-noh reeyo-ree deh-soo kah) What do you recommend?

And food for thought:

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone." ~Bill Cosby

"If something is to give light, it must first endure burning." ~Anonymous

"A lot of people talk to animals, but few people listen to what animals have to say back." ~Winnie the Pooh

Until next time…

Chidori Phillips
Bellaonline Japanese Food editor
Living Simply editor

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