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March 9 2007 Native American Newsletter

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Greetings from Lakota Country!

First of all, I want to apologize for sending out two generic, identical newsletters today. I’m still testing out my skills, and you, my poor friends, get to see the few sad results! I’m on my way, though! It's been a great honor for me to be selected as the new Native American Editor here on BellaOnline! My passion for writing is equal to my life long ambition to share and help educate people about my own Lakota culture, as well as other tribes. I have a firm belief that this is what is going to bring about a change in the ways Native people are viewed on a local, state, and national level. When people have an understanding of different cultures, the "scary" goes away, the harmony can begin!

In the forums, I would like to see some real, honest, but respectful, debates on the differences between the mainstream American culture, Native American cultures, and the others present in our country. There are questions that are out there that are never asked out of fear of offending each other, and I think that that ties our hands and binds us to a certain past that does not foster understanding and tolerance. So, lets ask questions of each other, and in the spirit of reaching out and doing our part to bring about a new level of understanding and tolerance, lets be open to answering, as well as accepting all the answers presented to us! Just one cautious reminder: I have a zero tolerance level for hate speech and the degradation of other humans and their beliefs. Its great to be able to disagree, and I know that as adults, we can all agree to disagree, without resorting to hatred and disrespect. If there are issues that come up that you feel might be to emotional, or very sensitive, I will be more than happy to email back and forth with you about it. I dont want anyone to feel left out because of their fear. I dont believe in censorship, but I love BellaOnline, and I want to maintain the integrity of the site, the safety of the visitors, as well as the reputation for being a great educational and social resource!

Now, for the articles I have planned. I am so excited to get started on them! There is a lot of information that I know you, the reader, will truly find fascinating! For instance, did you know that in the Lakota kinship system, my mother’s sisters are all considered my mothers? And their children are considered my mothers, and therefore, my very own brothers and sisters. This kinship system results in huge extended families that are just as close and tight knit as a traditional, American, nuclear family. My own daughter said it best when she noted, “Being Lakota means having all the ladies for aunties and all the old ladies for Grammas.” My daughter and I are lucky to be able to call a lot of fabulous women our relatives!

Until next time, my Friends, I hope your days are fabulous, and that your lives lead you to greater things! Be sure to share them with us!!

Karin Eagle Baca
Native American Editor


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Karin Eagle Baca, Native American Editor

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