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July 6 2011 Native American Newsletter

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! I spent the holiday delving into our Nation’s history and a heated debate ongoing for decades. Here’s the link to this week’s article.

Our Constitution and the Iroquois

With the speed of worldwide communications we enjoy today, it’s amazing what prolific letter writers our Founding Fathers were. But even with the hundreds of documents which were thankfully preserved, it is impossible to know the minds of those learned men as they gathered to create a country. We can only wonder with what regard they held the Indigenous Peoples of the New World.

How much influence did the Iroquois Confederation’s system of government have in the drafting of our Constitution? Join us in the forum to share your thoughts. Haven’t registered to post in the forum yet? Rest assured, our forum is not like others on the internet. Your input is valued and respected among friends, who look forward to seeing you there.

As politics heats up for elections next year, here’s a peculiar bit of history. When our Country was young, those seeking political offices through personal campaigns were shunned. Voters were not provided a ballot, but a piece of paper. They wrote the name of the person they wanted to represent them. When the votes were tallied, the winner was asked to serve. A return to private life after serving in government was not only expected, but anticipated by many. Makes you wonder what George Washington and Canasetoga would think of today’s career politicians. Until next time,

Walk in Balance and Beauty

Jane Winkler, Native American Editor

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