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November 9 2009 Personal Chef Newsletter

Hey Chefs & Food Enthusiasts!

Since we last talked my wife and I have been finishing up our settle in our new place. It seems like the longest move in history! We've been in and out of town [as a matter of fact, as I write this, we're getting packed to head out of state again]. This time I'm meeting with my team to lay down some basic no frills footage for our cooking basics demos for PC TV. I'm real excited about it, not because I think it's going to be the next television Emmy Award winner, but because I am finally going to be able to see another part of my dream realized, to be able to reach and teach many people at once.

This is AWESOME!!! and I'm talking ALL CAPS HERE!!!


Quick Recap:

-My apologies to all who have written me with specific questions. I haven't been able to respond personally like usual in a while. Things have been in a bit crazy with all the happenings around here, but please continue to write and ask questions. If I can't get back to you in a personal response, I'll either get to it in an article, forum post or more than likely on podcast or video, so keep'em coming and I WILL address your concerns.

-My thank yous to all of you who sent your condolences on our family member loss. We appreciate all the support, understanding, well-wishes and especially your prayers. It really helped.


Now let's talk food and more ways to boost your Personal Chef business!

-Last newsletter we talked about catering for more to boost your PC business and researching information sites. I hope you got something out of the info.
Let me know if you didn't or if you need more.


-Reduce office clutter by creating digital folders to scan your paperwork into, then discard whatever paperwork you can and neatly file what you must
[like original contracts and official paperwork like that]
and create a binder containing a printout of the lists of what's in your digital folders.

Once you do this, you'll be able to, at a glance, see where your info is without having to reference your computer.



Here are the latest articles from the Personal Chef site at

Forbidden Rice Product Review
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
I was at my local health food store and I came across a 'new' rice. Shaped like long grain brown rice and black like wild rice, its name... Forbidden Rice. As I've always said, you've got to explore what's out there so you can keep your offerings new with your clientele. Here's my review.


Kalijira Rice Product Review
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
Every personal chef has to have a good list of ingredients and their uses in their knowledge base. I always look at new things to try out to keep my menus new, fun, cutting edge and still practical. This week's review is on a 'tiny' rice called Kalijira. Here's what I have to say...


Bartering to Build Your PC Business
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
Bartering is a great business building tool. It allows for expansion without the need for exchanging monies to get things done. Here are a few steps to help get you started in your bartering strategies.


Taking a Class to Boost Your Business
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
There are always great reasons to take classes, but did you know that it could be one of the best business building exercises you can do? Here's how.


Surfing the Net to Get Inspired
by Jason Hodge - Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites Editor
The Internet has an almost inexhaustible quantity of ideas, innovations and information. Here's how you can use it to your benefit to keep your clientele always on the cutting edge as you take old tried and true recipes and jazz them up with new flair.





To participate in free, fun, really active online discussions, visit us at our
community forum and join a conversation.

It's located here:



You know, I really enjoy writing for you. If you tell me the areas you're most interested in I'll do my best to address them. Let me know what's on your mind and let's have a lot of fun together as we explore the world of food and the folks who love it. Pass this newsletter along and let's do breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

Join me next time when I put out more foodie stuff!!!

As always... it's been a pleasure sharing with you. Until next time...

Jason Hodge
Personal Chef & Vegetarian Editor - join my friends on MySpace and be ready for my upcoming cooking series. - We've started an any & everything food group on FaceBook! Check it out!

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