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July 10 2009 Personal Chef Newsletter


Quite a few things are happening within this next month! I'm catering an intimate pre-wedding dinner for 50. We're gearing up for a move. I'm hot and heavy working on developing my cookbook. And... one of the most important things is that I'm back talking with you guys again.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and well-wishes. It means a lot.

We've got a bunch of articles to cover in this issue.
Now let's talk food and ways to boost your Personal Chef business!


Do your own research by trying a new dish or way of utilizing an ingredient in your cooking.

Did you know that you get a different flavor from your herbs and spices when you grind them in a mortar and pestle as opposed to a food processor or electric coffee grinder?
It's true!

So for a more authentic and broader flavor profile try using a mortar and pestle to completely release the flavors and nuances of your seasonings.



Here's the latest article from the Personal Chef site at

Herbed Veggie Cheese Spread
Jason Hodge - Editor, Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites
There's nothing better than to have on hand ready made items of culinary convenience. It'll shrink a major project down to minor size in no time. Here's a recipe I like for a convenient spread that's great on crackers, bread, mixed in with pasta or as a tasty addition to a rich, creamy soup.


Making Your Alternatives List
Jason Hodge - Editor, Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites
Have you ever run into a client who has such a specialized diet that it takes you to the end of your limits? Sometimes as personal chefs we have to make special considerations for our special needs clientele. Here are some ways to insure you always have an answer to their concerns.


Other Peoples Knowledge to Boost Your PC Business
Jason Hodge - Editor, Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites
Who says you have to know it all or that you've had to produce it all to become a major player in your field? Here are some techniques that will help you overcome your perceived deficits and capitalize on the expert information out there to boost your personal cheffing business.


Youtube To Boost Your Personal Chef Business
Jason Hodge - Editor, Personal Chef & Vegetarian Sites
YouTube can be the boost your personal cheffing business can use to not only succeed, but to flourish. Here's how.





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You know, I really enjoy writing for you. If you tell me the areas you're most interested in I'll do my best to address them. Let me know what's on your mind and let's have a lot of fun together as we explore the world of food and the folks who love it. Pass this newsletter along and let's do breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

Join me next week when I put out more foodie stuff!!!

As always... it's been a pleasure sharing with you. Until next time...

Jason Hodge
Personal Chef & Vegetarian Editor - join my friends on MySpace and be ready for my upcoming cooking series. - be the first to know when I have new content!

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