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October 12 2008 Vegetarian Newsletter


True family & friends are some of the most sacred blessings God can bestow upon a person and what better way to express your appreciation and love for them than to fellowship and break bread together?

This issue we're looking at the power of preparation, storage and provision with the 2 articles listed below. Discover how you as a vegetarian can accomodate and be accomodated.

This week marks the 4th week of our "Shortcuts Series" and we're addressing one of the most important issues in the whole process - making a place for all of your hard work.

Let me know your thoughts!


I did a quick search on cranberries that turned up results that showed quite a few benefits: anti-plaque; beneficial for the immune system; loaded with phyto-chemicals; possibly beneficial for gingivitis. [I pulled this info from wikipedia - cranberries search], so this year when you make or purchase your cranberry sauce for the holidays... consider making sure that all of the ingredients are natural and the most healthful.

Why not get the best good out of your holiday helper?

Now let's catch up on this past week's happenings.


- I've started the process of cataloging our pictures [last count over 15,000 and growing] I love the picassa application for that!
- We visited a new farmer's market last Friday. Great things and we found some great grapes - WITH THE SEEDS IN THEM!!! Love it!
- Created a feedback poll in the forum - wanted to know if I'm hitting the mark for you all.
- Posted my first in a series of reviews - this one's a book.
- New forum post

and without further ado...



Here's the latest articles from the Vegetarian site at

Shortcuts : How To Store Your Pre-Prepped Items
Jason Hodge, BellaOnline's Vegetarian Editor
Modern day life has its challenges, and with work, school, varying schedules and families on the run, the only way to ensure you have the best grocery bang for your buck is to make sure that your storage system is intact. Here are two tips you need to know before you begin your pre-prep processes.


Cooking for Vegetarians & Meat Eaters
Jason Hodge, BellaOnline's Vegetarian Editor
What do you do when you have vegetarians and carnivores, eating together at the same table? "The Flexitarian Table", by Peter Berley, speaks to this and many other scenarios on how to meet friends and loved ones, in the middle, at a flexible table. This is my review.



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There are so many tools we can use to create better health through our diets. They're inexpensive and folks need to know about them. This newsletter is one of them. So join me in this campaign by sharing this newsletter, The Vegetarian Resource Newsletter with at least [I'm going to push the envelope here and raise it] 15 other people and ask them to do the same. Let's make a positive impact on people's lives and in their health!

By the way... If you have any questions or comments, please send them my way. I'd love to be of service to you and get you the answers that are most important to you.

As always... it's been a pleasure sharing with you. Until next time...

Jason Hodge
Vegetarian Editor - join my friends on MySpace and be ready for my upcoming cooking series.

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