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I’d like to introduce myself. I am Kate Woods, the current Taxes Editor for I am an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the IRS and have been preparing taxes professionally for many years. You can get acquainted with me by clicking on my name and reading my bio on the Taxes page. Through my articles, I hope to be able to present helpful tax information in a conversational format to help shed some light on the taxing subject of taxes.

Below are a few of the articles I’ve posted on the Taxes site:

Is Your Creative Activity a Business or a Hobby?
Tax Considerations for Writers, Artists, and Creative Business People

IRS Email Tax Scam Spam
Did you really get an Email from the IRS, I don’t think so!

And -

Tax Facts – Organizing Your Tax Information for Individuals – Income & Earnings
Helpful Organization Tips for Individuals regarding Income and Earnings information necessary for preparation of complete and accurate tax returns.

Since covering the organization of your tax information will take more than one article, future Taxes – Just the Basics articles will continue with the details of setting up a binder as a tax organizer for less frustrating future tax season filings.

There’s never a shortage of tax information so I believe that I’ll have plenty to talk to you about in my future articles. I hope you’ll visit the Taxes site often and that you find the articles both informational and interesting. While tax data can be very dry reading I’ll do my best to try to keep my articles from being as dry as desert sand by providing a tax rant or a tax trauma, or even a humorous oasis here and there. In my newsletters I’ll keep you apprised of what’s current, what’s on the horizon, and share info on upcoming E-books and contests.

The taxes newsletter is sent out in text only format, so it's easy to read no matter what kind of system, cell phone or PDA you choose to receive it at.

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If you choose to subscribe, please make sure that your anti-spam filters know to allow in mail that comes from the server. Our subscription process will send you a test message. If you don't get that test message, please let me know. Here’s to being more prepared for when The Tax Man Commeth and to less taxing tax filing experiences now and in the future!

It will be my pleasure to share tax facts on the taxing subject of taxes with you!

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