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Hello and welcome! This article will give you everything you need to know about the Virus and Spam newsletter. This weekly newsletter features important topics including these recurring themes:

The Top Ten
Each month, a new top ten list will be revealed. Books, websites, software, hardware, and other topics will be dissected and reviewed. Once thoroughly examined - and in some cases tested - a top ten list specific to that item will be created. On a scale of one to ten, number one will be the best of the list. All of the items listed will be recommended, however.

In the News
Every now and then a virus or software glitch becomes such a problem that it makes headlines. When this happens, you will be among the first to know! Not only will you be alerted to current media trends, but you will get a behind-the-scenes explanation of what it all really means. Whether hype or a genuine threat, you will be clued in to the difference.

The Basics
In the basics series, clear concise explanations are provided for the resources we use every day. You use your computer, check your e-mail, and surf the Web like millions of other people. Unlike many people though, you will use this series to educate yourself. You'll learn how a computer works, how to detect legitimate e-mail from spam, and just what malware includes.

Product Review
Sometimes it helps to have someone test out a product and tell you exactly what's wonderful - or terrible - about it. Although they won't be a weekly topic, product reviews will be a regular part of the Virus and Spam site. You deserve to know what computer defense products deserve your hard-earned money. We'll tell you that and tell you where you can get the same product for free when we can.

In addition to the series articles, there will also be other pieces updated on a weekly basis. These articles will cover a variety of topics including definitions and explanations. We will also discuss how to deal with common problems like spam, viruses, adware, spyware, and phishing. The key to fighting back against those who make the Internet unsafe for us is to stay informed. I will also include games, trivia, and contests too!

Your information will never be sold or traded. This newsletter will be sent in a simple text format so that you can read it anywhere. Make sure to add us to your contacts so that our newsletter won't be sent to your spam folder. I welcome your subscription!

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