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Thyroid Health
Thyroid diseases can exist co-morbidly (occur at the same time) with other illnesses and conditions or they can actually lead to the development of other related diseases.

Anxiety and Depression star
Anxiety and depression are symptoms associated with thyroid disorders. If you or someone you know is suffering with on-going anxiety and depression, it is important to test thyroid function. If thyroid disorders are the root cause, no amount of psychiatric drugs will correct the issues.

Breast Disease star
Fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer are common in women who suffer from thyroid disorders. Iodine deficiency has been found to be a cause of both thyroid disorders and breast disease. Iodine can be added to the diet through specific foods and supplements.

Breast Health and Iodine star
Law makers and doctors are recognizing that mammography is not a reliable method for detecting cancer in patients with dense breast tissue. Thyroid patients often also have fibrocystic breasts. Iodine supplementation can cure fibrocystic breasts and decrease the potential for developing cancer.

Estrogen Dominance star
Estrogen dominance is plaguing our world. Plastics, cosmetics, cleaning products, foods, soy, pesticides, birth control pills, air fresheners and even laundry soap are contributing to the toxic levels of synthetic estrogen hormones in our environment. What is this doing to your health?

Fibromyalgia and CFS Site star
Veronica Easterling Thomas is a writer/coach/ and direct sales consultant from Bossier City, Louisiana. As a Fibromyalgia patient, Veronica Thomas knows first hand of the pain and change of daily activity. Because of a decrease in work due to this illness and the rising medical costs of fibromyalgia treatment, Veronica has developed her own line of natural, personal care products, B´Veja Botantica´.

Hair Loss star
Hair loss is a common symptom for people suffering from hypothyroidism. Hair loss may be one of the first symptoms people notice prior to being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. When thyroid medication returns the thyroid to balance, hair regrowth generally occurs within six months.

Leaky Gut Syndrome star
Leaky Gut Syndrome is a common and often unrecognized condition whereby food passes through the lining of the small intestine and triggers a series of undesirable side effects. Leaky Gut Syndrome also sets the stage for the development of a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Menstrual and Fertility Disorders star
Thyroid function impacts fertility in both women and men. Thyroid disorders impact a women's menstrual cycle as does the excessive amounts of estrogen found in our environment. Bringing the body back to hormonal balance can eliminate menstrual problems and enhance fertility.

Surgical Scars star
Scars that result from surgery are badges of courage. Thyroid surgery creates a scar across the front of the neck which can cause emotional and physical trauma. Knowing what to expect after surgery and tips on healing are included in this article.

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