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Anxiety - Depression
Symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorders, are common in thyroid patients. Some see their emotional problems resolve with thyroid disease treatment, while others do not. Self education is a key to

Autoimmune Aspects
The majority of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid disorders are autoimmune in nature, meaning they result from auto-antibodies attacking the thyroid gland.

Thyroid basics - from anatomy, hormone production, common disorders and quick tips.

Book / Movie
The list represents reviews of thyroid health books that present beneficial and accurate information, whether written by MDs or Thyroid Patient Advocates (patients who have "been there").

Diet and Weight
Losing weight is often a difficult challenge for those of us with thyroid conditions. Here you´ll find links to popular diet plans, general weight loss information and fitness advice/suggestions.

Toxic substances in the environment have a major impact on our overall health and specifically on the production of thyroid hormones. What are the substances we should avoid and how can we avoid them?

Fatigued Adrenals
Adrenal Fatigue is strongly associated with thyroid disorders, due to the added "stressors" placed on the body of affected individuals.

Hypo - Hyper Thyroid
Hypothyroidism means abnormally low thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroidism means abnormally high thyroid hormones. These links direct readers to information on both types of hormonal imbalances.

Medical Testing
These articles help to educate on the subject of thyroid function testing. Diagnostic lab tests tell Doctors when thyroid disorders are in need of treatment and how to treat them.

Metabolic Conditions
When you experience one metabolic disorder, this can place you at risk for developing others. Some thyroid patients are at increased risk for diabetes, insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.

Physical Conditions
Thyroid diseases can exist co-morbidly (occur at the same time) with other illnesses and conditions or they can actually lead to the development of other related diseases.

There are a number of supplements and vitamins that can help with thyroid health and treatment. Learn to support your body and thyroid to find a healthier you!

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