Adventure Living
Find out what you need to know to enjoy a safe and suitable adventure from how to choose an outfitter, to what to pack to when to go and lots more.

Adventures in Giving star
‘Tis the season of giving, but most of the time during the holidays kids are consumed with thoughts about what they are getting. One answer: hand your youngsters Charity Checks so that they can give to others.

Airline Ticket Cautionary Tale star
It seemed like a simple request, but it turned out to be one with as many answers as there were American Airlines service people handling our calls.

Book Review: Life is a Trip star
With Life is a Trip Judith Fein has written a different kind of travel guide. Instead of pointing out the top restaurants, hotels or attractions, Fein reminds readers what the best of travel can bring: experiences that transform.

Book: the Best Family Destinations star
Forget about doing the same old thing for your next family vacation. Buy Kyle McCarthy’s new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Best Family Destinations and peruse nearly 200 choices throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Golden Rules for Disney World star
Disney World has great rides, exciting attractions and lively shows. But on our first visit, we overdid it. We snaked through lines, boarded attractions and crammed in experience. Along with magical moments, there were more than a few cranky meltdowns. Here are three Golden Rules to follow.

Hidden Hotel Fees star
Like airlines, hotels are charging fees for many things that used to be free. In 2012 consumers spent more than $2 billion dollars on hotel fees. Here are tips on how to avoid or minimize lodging fees so you won’t get hotel sticker shock upon receiving your bill.

How to Choose An Adventure Tour Operator star
Adventure tours eliminate the worries of adventure travel and add to the fun as long as you choose the right trip for you and the right company.

How to Survive a Major Airport Delay star
When an airport closes due to a widespread storm, knowing what to do to salvage your trip is essential. As a result of a blizzard along most of the East Coast one winter, we found ourselves at a Florida airport on a Sunday morning, amid the crowds and confusion, with a ticket and no flight home.

Inspiring Adventure Quotes star
There are many kinds of adventures. Skydiving and other extreme sports certainly qualify, but so does opening yourself to new experiences whether in your own city or through travel. That’s because an adventure results more from “how” you experience something that merely “what” you do. Here are some

Listening to Intuition When Traveling star
Do you listen to your intuition when traveling or do you disregard this non-rational voice telling you to act a certain way? I’ve learned to trust my intuition more and more. Maybe it’s a “woman thing.” Who knows, but here’s the event that reminded me to go with my “gut.”

Multigenerational Travel star
Finally, hoteliers have figured out what you always knew: it’s much easier and more enjoyable if the extended family, teens and parents included, meet on a trip instead of at your house. Along with convenience, milestone celebrations have also fueled the boom in multigenerational travel.

Nude Travel star
Do naked travelers have more fun? Apparently, they do, say its devotees. When you take your clothes off, they say, you also shed your psychological baggage. That’s why one of the biggest groups of new converts to frolicking au naturel aren’t svelte twentysomethings, but women 45 and older.

Pet Friendly Hotel star
Big dogs, unlike “pocketbook” pooches, get turned away at most city hotels, the majority of which only let sleeping dogs lie if they weigh less than 15-25-pounds. But Loews´ hotels offer one of the lodging industry´s most pet-friendly policies.

Share a meal when traveling? star, a new website service, connects travelers with locals who, in their own homes, cook meals for visitors, often for a small fee to cover the cost of the food. Does this interest you? Would you do this?

The Best Adventure Travel Companies star
Discover the best adventure travel tour companies.

Tips for Road Trips with Dogs star
Especially around the holidays, dogs get loaded into cars. Just like road trips with kids, a successful long drive with your four-pawed family member takes careful planning. Here are some tips on how to have fun and keep your dog safe on a road trip.

Tips for Travel with your Best Friend star
Follow these tips to make sure that after traveling with your girlfriend, sister or best buddy, you come home friends. Even the closest people can have different travel rhythms and goals. Just because you love, like or live with someone, doesn’t mean you can travel with them.

Tips for Traveling with Teens star
After years of traveling with two teenagers, I’ve discovered some ground rules for great vacations with these painfully hard-to-please offspring. I’ve also come to value these getaways.

Tips on How to Fly with your Pet star
Should you take your dog or cat on an airplane? If your pet can’t be in the cabin with you, then don’t put him on the plane. That’s the advice of the Humane Society of the United States, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and many other pet organizations.

Tips on Villa and Rental Companies star
Looking for more space than a hotel room plus the comforts of home on your next vacation? Then, think about renting a house, condo or villa. Here are some tips and top companies to consider.

Travel Insurance star
For big ticket vacations that require hefty deposits months in advance, especially those involving international travel, don’t leave home without travel insurance. Because you just never know. Not convinced? Then just say two words: “Icelandic volcano.”

Travel Products Allergies and Tots star
Planning is the all-important key to a great trip, especially if you have allergies or are traveling with young children. SelectWisely food cards present your special, dietary needs in more than thirty languages. BambinOz PortaChair lightens the gear you need to lug along with your tot.

Travel Products for Allergies and Tots star
Planning is the all-important key to a great trip, especially if you have allergies or are traveling with young children. SelectWisely food cards present your special, dietary needs in more than thirty languages. BambinOz PortaChair lightens the gear you need to lug along with your tot.

Traveler’s Medical Emergency Kit star
Going on an adventure? Then don’t leave home without a well-stocked emergency medical kit. If you have food allergies and don’t speak the local language, take along food translation cards that indicate what you cannot eat.

Traveling with Friends Without Becoming Enemies star
It’s great to travel with friends—that is unless your shared vacation turns you into enemies. That can happen to even the most complementary of couples. We know. We tarnished a good friendship by not talking frankly ahead of time.

Use Photos to Engage with Locals on Trips star
How to teach your kids to give back and engage with locals while traveling? When visiting poor areas in developing countries, we take Polaroid photos of willing people and give the images to them as gifts. Even in the digital age, many people in rural areas do not photos of themselves.

Using Frequent Flyer Tickets star
Once in a lifetime trips,often begin with a plane ticket. Because cashing in frequent flyer miles delivers dream destinations almost for free (you pay taxes and award fees), we booked tickets--or tried to- from D.C. to Africa. Here’s what we learned.

When to Buy a City Card star
Whenever we explore an urban destination, we typically purchase a city pass. For one fee these cards provide access to many attractions. In Europe, the cards come in handy because most cover transportation on public buses and subways.

When Trips Go Wrong star
Despite the best preparations, some vacations are terrible. These misbegotten journeys become the ones remembered for all the wrong reasons. In Australia, my son, daughter and I discovered how a four-day camping trip could morph into family legend, an experience funny now, but not then.

When Women Have to Pee in Public star
Do women need a device for peeing in public? Nature happens, after all, even when we are hiking, rafting, riding a jeep or rocking out at a music festival.

Year of the Bargain star
This is the year to take that adventure you’ve been dreaming about. With travel down as a result of the slow economy, hotels, airlines and tour operators are luring vacationers with some exceptionally good bargains.

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