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Converting VHS to DVD
Not long ago, it was the rage to put all our old movies onto VHS tapes. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered that VHS tapes wear out and ruin. Today, we have a new option. Taking our VHS tapes and converting them to DVDs.

Genealogy Evidence!
Evidence! by Elizabeth Shown Mills gives guidelines for documenting sources and answsers the questions about our information, "where did it come from? and who produced it?"

New York Immigration Ports
Immigration brought a lot of our ancestors to New York. Here are some ports they may have came through.

Notes From an African American Genealogy Lecture
I attended a genealogy lecture on African American genealogy. The speaker was a genealogist who had been researching her family for several years and has written some books on her findings. She was a wonderful speaker, very energetic, and I learned a lot from her.

Using the Cemetery for Genealogical Research
Using the cemetery for your genealogical research is something most researchers are familiar with. The information you can get can often be the key to breaking down that brick wall. Here are some tips to help you in this endeavor.

Virginia Genealogy
Virginia Genealogy Links to help in your research

Genealogy Humor
Some Genealogy Humor!!!

Genealogical Brick Wall Tips
We all have our own personal genealogical brick walls that we just can’t seem to break through. Here are some tips that might help you in this endeavor.

Genealogy Sources
Sources in genealogy can be classified in two types. Primary sources are the ones we hope to find, but secondary are very important in the research process.

Land Records
There are many types of land records-title abstracts, land purchases, grant, and more. Land records are typically one of the records kept from the very early days of settlement in an area and may be available when other records are not.

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