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Working With the DOM
The Document Object Model, otherwise known as DOM, is a highly useful tool for web developers – it allows them to directly affect specific portions of the HTML document with programming such as Javascript. Here's how you can use DOM to add some dynamic elements to your pages.

An Introduction to the DOM
DOM is an acronym for Document Object Model. It's a way of looking at HTML that makes it possible for website developers to create functions and manipulate the code in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

How to use Server-Side Includes
Does your website have features that are the same on every page, such as a menu or a tagline at the bottom of the page? If so, you can benefit greatly from the use of include files.

Advanced CSS Buttons
In a previous article I discussed the basics of designing navigation buttons without using images – buttons that are purely CSS- and HTML-driven. Now it's time to look at some ways to fancy up those buttons.

Designing Basic Buttons Without Images
Image-based buttons a great choice for a company with a professional web designer and a fully loaded graphics editing program. For the rest of us, there's CSS.

HTML Fundamentals - The Body Tag
HTML pages are divided into two main sections: the head area, and the body area. The body section is where all the ‘visible’ goodies go. This is the part of the page that your visitors actually see, so it’s important to get it right.

Four Web Hosts That Come Highly Recommended
Having recently touched on a few of the worst web hosting companies out there, I thought it was time to mention some of the best ones. Here are some companies you should check out if you're looking for a solid hosting company.

Javascript Basics
Javascript is a great way to add some interactivity to your website. With HTML alone your pages will be completely static, but if you throw in a few Javascript snippets you can have a site that will respond to your visitors' actions and a whole lot more.

Four Web Hosting Companies to Avoid
Just about everyone who has owned or managed a website has a horror story or two about a website hosting company.

Formatting the Horizontal Rule Tag
Want to divide up your page or indicate a separate section? The horizontal rule can do it for you. It's also extremely customizable with HTML and CSS attributes.

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