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Being Conscious in Marriage
Serve the higher good in each other.

Stiff Joints and Meditation
Some helpful advice in alternate positions.

Redirect Stressful Energy
Controlled breathing cuts the edge off agitation.

Sitting Meditation
How to get the most from your practice.

Combining Prayer and Meditation
Prayer for the beginning of meditation session.

Walking Meditation for Teens
Taking a break during the day for a walking meditation is a way to sort out the moment’s priorities.

Mantra and Om
Learn how to meditate on Om or other sound syllables.

One Minute Bedtime Meditation
It is a time of day for winding down.

Meditate As a World Family
Join with the group energy of meditating as one family of humanity.

Instant Meditation for Kids
There are times when stress suddenly creeps up and you just want relief.

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