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Forensic Artists Help Missing Children
The process of age-enhancing a photograph can work miracles for a missing or abducted child. Read my article to find out how the process works.

Charles Arlin Henderson - Missing Child
Police and FBI hope that by showing Charles Arlin Henderson’s brightly colored Huffy bike it might spark a memory of someone who saw something the day Arlin disappeared. Do you know what happened to Charles Arlin Henderson?

Hoaxes or Lures Used to Isolate Women
Have you discussed with your driving children the tricks that may or may not ever be used to trick him or her into helping a potential child molester or rapist? do they know about the Lures used to isolate them to make them more vulnerable? Read on to find out how to keep you and your teen safe.

GPS Monitoring of Offenders
Global Positioning System also known as GPS which uses satellite technology to locate you when you use a GPS in your car to navigate around town is also used to monitor sex offender. Sounds high tech right? Wrong. GPS may provide only a false sense of security.

Protecting Children During Natural Disasters
When a natural disaster occurs children become especially vulnerable to the risk of exploitation. This is especially true in situations where the physical infrastructures are damaged over a wide spread area. Learn how to keep children safe from exploitation during a natural disaster.

Safety for Teens
Create a safety contract with your teen regarding safety at parties. Tell your teen that he or she can call you anytime they feel unsafe or unsure about the situation they are in. Learn how a safety contract might keep your teen safe.

Online Safety for Children
Children are using the internet and internet accessible devices at earlier and earlier ages and many parents are assuming they know what they are doing and that they will not give out personally identifying information. What does your child's online profile reveal?

Technology Keeping Kids Safe
Have you ever lost a child who was too young to know his or her name or phone number? Yet with technology evolving a digital camera or cell phone camera may be one of the best lines of defense to help your child if he or she is separated from you. Learn how this works.

Avoiding Lures From Strangers
A lure are words that strangers use in an attempt to attract a child’s attention and trust by making a promise or offering the child something. This reward entices a child to go with him or to do what they ask. Learn how to prevent your child being lured by strangers.

Responsible Partying for Teens
Recently authorities have begun to see a new trend amongst teens known as pharming or pharm parties. Pharming (sounds like farming) is a party where teens combine various legally prescribed medications in one bowl and share the pills in handfuls with others. Learn how to keep your teen safe.

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