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Dru Sjodin National Offender Public Website
A sex offender registry is a current list of sex offenders, and every state has one. the information may vary by state. Find out how your state compares to other states.

DNA Identifies Jennifer Schuett's Rapist
The objective of finding and using DNA profiling is to positively place a suspect at the scene of a crime. So how exactly does DNA work? Read my article to see how DNA is changing lives.

Halloween Safety for Children
The laws vary for sex offenders across the nation regarding what the sex offender is or is not allowed to do on Halloween. Parents need to know where the sex offenders live in their neighborhood. Talk to children about being safe now, do not wait for Halloween.

Searching for Missing Children
When a child disappears, unless there is direct evidence to show a child was abducted, the search must include any area a child may be able to crawl, or wiggle into and as an area is searched the areas checked should be marked with a bright colored X. Learn what to do if your child is missing.

Criminal Analysis of Violent Crimes
The objective of a criminal analysis, learn who the criminal is and how he (or she) works. By determining certain facts about the subject, law enforcement can eliminate suspects that may not fit the profile. How does it work?

Preventing Infant Abductions
Authorities caution parents with newborns to be careful whom they allow into their home after bringing a newborn home. Find out how to protect your infant.

Protecting Children from Predators
Pedophiles have fantasies, reoccurring thoughts, and behaviors that involve sexual activities with a child usually younger than 14 years. Are your children safe?

Convicted Child Molester Becomes Ordained Minister
Mark Hourigan has officially been ordained as a minister for a local church in Louisville, Kentucky. How does a man who is required to register as a lifetime sex offender become ordained as a church as a minister?

Protecting Personal Information
Is your garage door opener clipped to the sun visor? If you park in your driveway and not your garage, you may be providing a direct entry for someone who does not belong inside your home. Read the article to find out how to stay safe.

Dating Violence in Teens
Teens are often the victims of dating violence. Sadly, many teens are unprepared for a violent situation and often do not know how to respond when someone becomes violent in a relationship. Find out how to protect your teen.

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