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Jaycee Lee Dugard Found Alive
in 1991, Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped on the way to her school bus stop. Her stepfather, hearing her scream, sees he pulled into a car. Now, 18 years later, Jaycee is found, alive. Find out where she has been all these years.

Teens and Electronic Ettiquette
Teenagers hang out at malls, chat on the phone, text their friends the latest news on their cell phone, and surf the web. Some teens create a MySpace or Face Book page, which allows them yet another way to socialize with peers. So how do we teach them proper electronic ettiquette?

Criminal Analysis
Criminal profiling of violent criminals is a technique that FBI agent John Douglas pioneered. Today, the FBI does not use the term profiling, replacing it with the term criminal analysis. Learn how criminal analysis helps find abducted children.

Protecting Children's Identifying Information
Do you place your home address and phone number in the schoool's student directory? Read the article to find out how to protect Children's Identifying Information.

Dangers of GPS Systems
GPS systems almost all have a home button, which gives step-by-step directions to home. Now imagine your GPS in the hands of thieves who hit the home button, only this time thieves got step-to-step directions to your unattended home. Have you considered how this feature can endanger your family?

Rape and Cultural Ethnicity
A Liberian family chose to move from their war ravaged African country to America to provide a safer home. Their 8 year old daughter is raped by 4 youths age 9-14. She is now in foster care because her family feels she caused them shame. Did you know rape was legal in Liberia until the end of 2006?

Online Safety for Children
Parents need to talk to children about safety while online. Set limits for where children can surf and what information he or she may release. Internet safety guidelines are important for children allowed to use the internet. What are your personal guidelines?

Joseph Kondro Child Serial Killer
Kondro does what most every child predator does, plays on the trust of those he knows, his friends. The girls Kondro killed were the children of people he considered friends. How well do you know your friends?

Active Listening
Hearing what your child says is vastly different than listening to them as you multitask. To be an active listener one must stop everything else and focus his or her full attention on the person who is speaking. Learn how to be an active listener.

Missing, Exploited and Murdered Children
The news this week across our nation has been sad to follow regarding missing and exploited children. Find out how to keep children safe in this evil world.

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