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Sex Trafficking & Major Sporting Events
sex trafficking during major sporting events has been happening for awhile. Yet, it is a group of strippers working to educate the public on how to recognize a victim and help them escape the commercial sex trade.

Family Emergency Evacuation Plan
Our family was caught of guard travelling with our small children when the hotel kitchen caught fire and we were forced to evacuate the hotel.

Saint Louis Crisis Nursery
The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery can help parents facing a crisis, illness, or other stressful situation. Please do not leave young children alone with a new boyfriend. Instead find reliable community services that may be able to provide a safe environment.

Pharming Dangerous Teen Trend
Pharming is a dangerous teen trend that can place the teen at risk for serious consequences when prescription pills are mixed together and ingested by the handfuls. This is called a pharm party.

Teen Party Safety Plan
Teens think they are invincible and may not recognize the dangers of being sexually assaulted at a party. Date rape drugs are dangerous and can be easily slipped into any beverage. Learn what to teach your teen before he or she goes out partying.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
If you have been sexually assaulted then you likely know what a SANE nurse does. If not, then read on to find out what happens.

William Thomas Wilburn Repeat Sex Offender
This time he hurt a young teen. This is his second sexual assault...that police are aware of currently. Do you know William Thomas Wilburn from Missouri? If you do the police need your help.

Social Media Changing Life and Death
Electronic technology is advancing daily and changing the way we communicate with family and friends and not necessarily in a positive way. Learn how to properly post in crisis situations and how to stay safe online.

Ariel Castro Suicides in Prison
The news that broke earlier this week was stunning to say the least. Ariel Castro the Cleveland kidnapper of Michelle Knight, Georgina DeJesus, and Amanda Berry took his life in prison.

Multiple Abduction Attempts in Missouri
Just this month there have been a frightening number of child abduction attempts in the Saint Louis and surrounding areas of Missouri. Learn how to keep children riding or walking to and from school safe.

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