Sex Trafficking & Major Sporting Events

Sex Trafficking & Major Sporting Events
The World Series and other large sporting events bring people from all across the nation and sometimes from other countries to participate in the excitement of the sporting event at hand. Yet, there is a darkness lurking in the area when a city hosts the Super Bowl games or the World Series. Unfortunately during these yearly sporting events, it brings a lot of people, money, and tourism to the city and surrounding area.

Yet, most of the money being exchanged is happening in the dark and involves a hidden secret that is happening at the same time, child sex trafficking. Children are brought in to the cities where the games are played in carloads and they are sold for sex. They are child sex slaves.

The major sporting events are the most popular times for those who like to have sex with minors, and it is during these events when the customer can easily find a supplier to fulfill a fantasy. The children usually vary in age and are often required to have sex with many men throughout the day and night. Some of the children may live in the area, others are runaways from different cities and states, while still others are children who may have been kidnapped.

The definition of human trafficking is defined as modern day slavery. Yet, when a child is sold for sex it is called sex trafficking. Sex trafficking occurs when people are forced into the commercial sex trade against their will.

This past week Saint Louis the home of the Saint Louis Cardinals were one of two cities hosting the World Series, Boston was the other city. In a story from USA Today a man who owns several strip clubs in Saint Louis has been working to prevent sex trafficking.

According to USA Today, “Michael Ocello owns several adult nightclubs and founded COAST, adult club operators against sex trafficking. He has the backing of ICE and Homeland security”. The work of the women who are stripers at his club, is helping law enforcement by educating visitors and residents of the area to identify a sex trafficking victim. He group is doing outstanding work and law enforcement is accepting their help.

It is unknown how many girls and boys were brought to Saint Louis or Boston for the World Series but with the help of some generous stripers and their club owner sex trafficking at major sporting events may soon become a thing of the past. His group has worked hard to bring awareness to the little known sex trafficking of minors at major sporting events. Their goal is to educate people on how to recognize a sex trafficking victims and how to help them escape the darkness.

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