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DeMontay Thompson Escapes Kidnapper
The following story is one that both parents and children can learn a lot.

Child Predator Arraignment Held in High School
Recently at the Shadyside High School, an arrangement was held involving a man accused of molesting multiple children. In reality this is probably a wonderful learning experience for many teens to see in person how things work in the land of the law. Yet, I question the impact this had on students.

Stalking defined is a repeat pattern of unwanted attention. Stalking is a crime that affects over one million people each year. Every year approximately one million women and 400,000 men are victims of stalking. Do you know how to stay safe?

Halloween and State Offender Laws
Missouri has a new law this Halloween requiring registered sex offenders to stay inside between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., turn off house outside lights, and post a sign on their door stating they are not giving out candy.

Jessica's Law HR 3132 Child Safety Act of 2005
John Evander Couey received three life sentences and one death sentence for the abduction, rape, and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford. Since Jessica’s death, Mark Lunsford has been working to change the laws for sex offenders who violate their release obligations.Learn how you can help.

Cole Puffinburger Kidnapped
A six year old boy taken at gunpoint from his Las Vegas, Nevada home by three armed men posing as police officers. Is this a revenge kidnapping?

School Activities and Responsible Parenting
Homecoming is this weekend. The Homecoming Dance always signals fall has arrived. This year my daughter is a freshman in high school and attending the dance. How do we allo children to fly, yet keep them safe. Read and find out what one mom handles this time.

Two-way Radios Powerful Safety Devices
Although cell phones are a wonderful convenience in reality they take time to turn on and use in an emergency. Safely kept in a pocket or purse how does one manage to get it out and dial for help quickly. Two-way radios might be a safer option than a cell phone for younger children.

LB 157 Nebraska's Safe Haven Nightmare
Nebraska�s new law is different from other state safe haven laws. In Nebraska, the safe haven law is not only newborn or infants, but covers children through age 19.

Predators Access Children Electronically
How can we as parents monitor our children’s safety when he or she can text, instant message, surf, and call anyone in the world from their own bedroom behind closed doors without a parent ever knowing with whom their child is interacting. Monitoring children is part of being a parent.

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