Jessica's Law HR 3132 Child Safety Act of 2005

Jessica's Law HR 3132 Child Safety Act of 2005
John Evander Couey was handed the death sentence for killing Jessica Marie Lunsford. Mark Lunsford the father of Jessica Lunsford feels finally there was Justice for Jessica. John Evander Couey received three life sentences and one death sentence for charges related to the abduction, rape, and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford. Since Jessica’s death, Mark Lunsford has been working to change the laws for sex offenders who violate their release obligations.

According to Jessie’s website, Mark Lunsford has four visions; the first is to update and change current legislation, next is to provide a place where anyone who needs information and support can come to get what they need. Mark also desires to help look for and locate pedophiles that are violating their legal obligations and help law enforcement put the violators behind bars. In the end, Mark wants to be with Jessica again.

Mark Lunsford has asked God to forgive him since he cannot find it in his heart to forgive Couey for what he did to his daughter. Jessica’s father has stated if ever he was given a chance to be alone with Couey he will do his best to kill him. Admitting he now has an anger problem, since the brutal murder of his daughter, and knowing if opportunity allowed he would take the chance to go after the man who killed his daughter in the court house, Lunsford says he made sure he stayed away from Couey.

Mark is fighting to place Jessie’s Law in each and every state. Anyone can help Mark’s fight, by writing to your state representatives and asking them to sign or initiate Jessie’s Law. Then ask Congress to vote for a Federal Law that will allow funding for tougher laws against Sex Offenders.

Ask your representatives to support HR 3132 Child Safety Act 2005. HR 3132 was initiated by Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin. This will help keep sex offenders from avoiding the system that is supposed to keep track of them. Our children, every one of them, deserve to be safe.

What you may not be aware of is that Couey buried Jessica, while she was still alive, in view of her home. The officers who were searching for Jessica had no right to search the home a sex offender lives in, even though it is in the immediate vicinity of the missing child, and even though Couey had a past history that made him a good possibility the he may have had something to do with Jessica’s disappearance.

It is likely Jessica was alive the first one or two times police knocked on the door to the trailer Couey was staying in, yet he had the right not to be searched. Just imagine how different the outcome might be if Jessica had the same rights we give our child predators. Perhaps I would not be writing this story, because the end might be a happy ending for the Lunsford family.

Ask your state to initiate Jessica’s Law. What an awesome reality it would be if our children had laws to protect them in a crisis situation. Don’t you believe children should be able to sleep safely in their beds at night, without fear that the Bogeyman will come and take them away? Please help get Jessie’s Law passed in your state and every state.

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