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Joseph Fritzl Keeps Daughter Hostage 24 Years
Joseph Fritzl held his daughter, and six of her children born in captivity in a hidden basement room for 24 years. How can this be possible?

Mark Lunsford
Jessica's Law is designed to give children rights. Mark Lunsford, Jessica's father hopes to get the law passed in all 50 states. Yet, when it comes to age of consent the law has its flaws. Find out what those flaws are in the article.

Bianca Piper, Heather Kullorn & Angie Housman
Bianca Piper is still missing. Heather Kullorn and Angie Housman's murders remain unsolve. Do you know anything to help?

Joseph Edward Duncan III Convicted Child Offender
Joseph Edward Duncan III a convicted sex offender admits he began stalking Brenda Groene and her family after posting bail in Washington state.

The Secrets of Skidmore Missouri
Lisa Montgomery confessed to strangling Bobbi Jo Stinnett, and then cutting her unborn baby girl from her mother’s womb.

Emergency Contact Information for Students
Having emergency contact names and numbers on file means a parent or other safe adult can be contacted should your child need to be picked up from school due to injury, illness, or does not show up for school.

Teach Children to Say No
Children need help in recognizing a potentially unsafe situation. Many children are not cognizant of the world happening around them.

Preventing Child Entrapment
Every year hundreds of children die inside hot car trunks after becoming trapped and unable to get out by themselves. Learn how to install an emergency trunk release.

Stalking and Cyber-stalking
In its most basic definition, stalking is a repetitive pattern of unwanted attention.

Running Away in America
Everyday a child chooses to leave home and go out on his or her own. National statistics estimate 1.3 million kids, ages 10-18 will runaway from their living situation this year.

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