Joseph Edward Duncan III Convicted Child Offender

Joseph Edward Duncan III Convicted Child Offender
When things looked out of place at Brenda Groene’s rural Coeur D’Alene home, a neighbor contacted authorities. The triple homicide authorities found inside the home is indescribable. Yet, even more alarming to authorities is what they did not find in the home. Two siblings Dylan and Shasta Groene remained unaccounted for after the discovery of their family's brutal murder. Authorities soon issued an Amber Alert for the two siblings.

According to friends of Brenda Groene, authorities verified that the previous evening a cookout had taken place at Brenda’s home. What puzzled authorities was the violent murder of the children’s 40-year-old mother Brenda Groene, her fiancé, 37-year-old Mark McKenzie and her 13-year-old son, Slade Groene.

Police soon focused on one of the partygoers, calling him a person of interest. Yet, that lead and many more leads quickly turned cold. What police would learn over the next month was that a convicted sex offender had posted bail while awaiting trial regarding allegations of molestation of a two young boys in his last known state of registry.

Joseph Edward Duncan III admitted to authorities that he had been stalking Brenda Groene and her family. Duncan has a criminal history that spans over 30 plus years. His criminal career started when he was twelve years old, by molesting a child only five years old. He has previous convictions and time served for charges of car theft, robbery, and rape, in addition to the multiple charges of child molestation.

The Groene children kidnapped by Duncan, were driven into the Mountains of Montana to a campsite where Duncan videotaped the heinous acts he inflicted upon Dylan and Shasta. Each child forced to watch the torture of his or her sibling. The videos that Duncan made showed how he hung Dylan by his neck as he inflicted torturous acts upon the boy until the boy lost consciousness.

Sadly, Shasta may have witnessed her brother's murder. Dylan died from a gunshot to the head at close range according to pathology reports. Not long after Dylan’s death, a watchful server working at the Denny’s in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho noticed the little girl late one night as she sat in the restaurant with Duncan. The server called police having recognized the little girl as the same one in the missing child poster. That fateful night Shasta’s horrendous dance with Satan ended.

Duncan claimed he was returning Shasta to her home when police caught him. He admitted to the three murders at the Groene home and to his exploitations, abuse and assault of the Groene children. The videotapes he made as he inflicted torture upon the children speak for themselves.

Authorities have decided to allow the interview tapes authorities made of Shasta telling them what happened to her and her brother be used in court, so Shasta will not have to testify in court. A small blessing as Duncan is representing himself.

The jurors will decide whether Joseph Edward Duncan III will live or if he should receive the death penalty. After witnessing what that monster did to two innocent children I do not believe it will take anyone long to decide.

Authorities suspect he may be responsible for at least three additional child murders across the nation. As a level three sex offender, he has quit or been removed from multiple sex offender programs over the last 30 years. Why does America insist in attempting to "rehabilitate" pedophiles? He received a label of anti-social in his teen years.

During the horrendous triple homicide in Idaho, the kidnapping of the Groene children and the subsequent murder of Dylan Groene, Duncan was keeping a rather demonic blog online. When will we realize that pedophiles are beyond rehabilitation? Had one of the previous Judges who sat on Duncan's previous convictions had the guts to throw him permanently in jail four people might not be dead and one little girl would not have had to dance with Satan.

I pray daily for angels to surround Shasta and her father and protect them from the evil that has befallen them. Angels above you, angels below you, and angels all around you to keep you safe.

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