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Digital Pictures - A Life Saving Tool for Missing Children
A great picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes and this saying is never truer than when a child is missing or has been abducted from his or her family. Suddenly, a family picture has become a life saving tool for a child and the family behind the photo.

Wayne Albert Bleyle - The Modern Day Bogey Man
How many snowflakes fall in a New York snow storm? That is how many patients Respiratory Therapist Wayne Albert Bleyle has eluded to molesting. Bleyle violated the personal boundaries of unconscious, comatose and paralyzed children, by sexually molesting, touching and photographing the children.

Heather Kullorn Missing Eight Years
Eight years have passed with no sign of Heather Kullorn since she was last seen on July 14, 1999. She was twelve the night she disappeared. Heather was spending the night at an apartment complex in Richmond Heights, Missouri, babysitting a two-month old baby girl.

Is it Real or is it Virtual?
Most people agree that child pornography crosses the line, especially when it comes to harming a child, for another’s sexual pleasure. What was surprising was to realize that on the World Wide Web exists both virtual pornography and virtual child pornography, which is legal.

Ten and Twelve Year Old Girls Kidnap Baby
A baby taken from his crib, as his mother sleeps nearby. A ransom note telling the mother not to contact the police if she wants to see her son again. The note demands $200,000 in ransom left on the sofa that night, with the promise of returning baby unharmed. The note signed by “the kidnappers.”

Keeping Kids Safe While Traveling
How to keep kids safe while traveling? Recently we traveled from Saint Louis to Boston. We, being, two rational adults and two children ages 13 and 9. Out of the four of us, three have ADHD, making this trip all the more challenging for the driver, my usually quiet and rational 52-year old husband.

Miss America Helps Police Nab Child Predators
Miss America Laura Nelson is a beautiful twenty-year-old woman who can pass for a teenager, and she is doing just that to help the Suffolk County Police Department seize sex offenders. This beauty queen posed online as a 14-year-old girl, helping Police arrest eleven alleged sexual predators.

DNA and CODIS Solve Decade Old Crime
The prosecuting attorney’s office talked to the survivors, letting them know the man who assaulted them, has through the miracle of DNA been identified. The women could finally place a name and face to the monster that had struck silently in the night almost a decade ago, Charles Joseph Steffani.

Anthony E. Mann Fights Georgia's Offender Law
After his conviction, the Mann’s wanted to be sure that Anthony would not be violating the sex offender law’s in Georgia, carefully researching the location of their home. Recently, law enforcement told him he would have to move as his home and business were both within 1,000 ft. of a day care.

Dru Sjodin National Offender Public Registry
Now there is Dru’s Law, a law that needs convicted child molesters to register on a national Internet database. If they fail to register, they face a felony charge for failing to update their location or address.

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