Heather Kullorn Missing Eight Years

Heather Kullorn Missing Eight Years
Eight years have passed with no sign of Heather Kullorn since she was last seen on July 14, 1999. She was twelve the night she disappeared. Heather was spending the night at an apartment complex in Richmond Heights, Missouri, babysitting a two-month old baby girl. The baby was the daughter of Dana Madden and Christopher Herbert, friends of Christine Kullorn, Heather’s Mom.

Police have verified Dana Madden’s alibi that she was working at her job at a local convenience store in the early morning hours when Heather Kullorn disappeared. Dana was still at her job when police were called to the apartment by Chris Herbert. However, no one can be certain where Chris Herbert really was when Heather went missing. Initially he claimed he was taking a friend home, then his story changed, and he told police he was making methamphetamine down by the river, with a friend. In reality nothing can be substantiated since the people he was hanging out with were either drug dealers or drug users, and by history they tend to be an unreliable source.

Who ever took Heather Kullorn left behind quite a few clues about her disappearance, yet nothing significant enough to tell anyone where she is now. One resident of the apartment complex was out walking his dog at two in the morning and he actually witnessed a male figure carrying a child out of the apartment in question wrapped in a light colored blanket. He knew it was a child because he could see the legs sticking out from underneath the blanket. Unfortunately, the man is legally blind when he is not wearing his prescription glasses and you might guess what I am about to type; he was not wearing his glasses that night. The man carrying the child out of the apartment remains unidentified, as does the child who was in the blanket. There is plenty of speculation as to who the man was and who he was carrying yet unfortunately speculation is not evidence allowable in court.

Police found DNA evidence in Dana and Chris’s apartment. There was blood found on the couch and DNA tests matched the results to Heather Kullorn’s blood. This evidence leads police to suspect foul play in Heather’s disappearance. During the initial few hours of the investigation, while searching for Heather, police discovered a white comforter missing from the Madden and Herbert apartment. Was this comforter possibly the light colored blanket the legally blind man witnessed a child wrapped in?

There is further speculation that Heather may have been kidnapped in retaliation for a bad drug deal, for witnessing a drug interaction or drug manufacturing, or in exchange for some drug making equipment that was stolen from a couple by Christopher Herbert. Allegedly, a note was left in the garage for Chris Herbert, the day before Heather’s disappearance, from the couple wanting their drug making equipment returned. Chris Herbert allegedly confessed to the police he did steal this equipment later during the continued investigation into Heather’s absence.

For now no one has come forward to give authorities any additional information about the night Heather Kullorn disappeared. Heather is a diabetic who needs medication to help her control her diabetes, and she gets sick if she does not have her insulin. Christine Kullorn would like to know where Heather is now. All parties present the day before and the night of Heather’s disappearance have denied involvement and knowledge of where Heather is at this time. Police have had a “person of interest” yet unfortunately although there are a lot of clues in Heather’s disappearance there is no evidence that allows them to pursue the case at this time.

Someone knows what happened to Heather, and regardless of whether she is still here on Earth or now flying with the angels her mother deserves to know what happened that night. No mother should have to wonder night after night where her child is and if her child is safe and warm. How cruel this world is that children go missing in the first place? There is evil that walks on our Earth. Evil that rips apart families and destroys lives for their own selfish needs.

In addition, any person who knows what has happened to a child and keeps quiet about the circumstances are as guilty, perhaps even guiltier, than the perpetrator that initially took the child. The person who has the ability to put an end to the unknown for a parent and family of a missing child and does not must live with the knowledge of the pain and suffering they are responsible for festering each day they remain silent. May the angels have mercy on that person when it is their time to face up to their wrongs on earth.

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