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Dangers Lurking in Your Child's Closet
Initially it sounds like a wonderful idea, a child's backpack with the child’s name printed boldly on the outside of the backpack. Yet, if you do put your child's name on his or her backpack, you maybe placing your child into the hands of danger.

Richard Steve Goldberg Captured - FBI's Top Ten Fugitive
Today, thanks to the hard work of one Canadian citizen children in our world are safer. One person smelled a rat, and helped get Richard Steve Goldberg one of the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and a bad Child Molestors off the street!

The Exploitation of Children
The exploitation of children includes child pornography. Child pornography in its simplest terms is sexually explicit pictures of children. Sexually explicit pictures that get a pedophile excited, can be as a child playing in his or her bath at an early age.

Pedophilia - a Paraphilia an Abnormal Attraction
Pedophilia coined in 1886, by a German psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing comes from the Greek words, “pais” meaning child, and “philia” meaning friendship or love. Pedophilia is an abnormal attraction, a paraphilia, or someone sexually excited by a child.

Husband Abuses Children in Wife's Home Daycare
A Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s detective questioned William Huck. In a shocking and unexpected move, Huck waived his right to an attorney and confessed to twelve sexual meetings with the boy. Huck told police he may have abused in the upwards of forty children over the last thirty years.

Offender Registry and the Law
There is much controversy about listing sex offender registries online. The controversy is the offender has served his or her time and paid retribution for the crime and by listing them on a “sex offender registry” violates their right to privacy.

Sam Shelton Confession Tape Released by Judge
Today Saint Clair County, Illinois, Judge Milton Wharton released the taped police confession of a twenty-six year old teacher who had a relationship with a seventeen- year old student. The teacher, Samson R. Shelton, will go on trial later this year for the attempted murder of Ashley Reeves.

Sheriff Gary Toelke - Missouri's Miracle and All Star Sheriff
Missouri’s Miracle is the instinct of one Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke. He is three for three when it comes to finding missing children. The Sheriff’s confidence in his department is obvious. He knows he has a good team; the obviously is a good leader.

The Choking Game - A Modern Day Adolescent Russian Roulette
The game called the choking game, involves an adolescent stopping the supply of oxygenated blood to their brain for short periods. The reason it provides a rush or feeling of a high without using any illegal drugs.

Man Spend Hours and Days In JC Penny's Boys Dressing Room
A man in his midforties uses the boys fitting rooms in a JC Penny’s Store for hours on end, day after day, week after week and no one questions this behavior. Clearly, the store clerks and store managers are aware that a man has been visiting the boy’s dressing room repeatedly.

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