Richard Steve Goldberg Captured - FBI's Top Ten Fugitive

Richard Steve Goldberg Captured - FBI's Top Ten Fugitive
On May 12, 2007 in Montreal Canada, a tip led Montreal’s Mounted Police to Terry Wayne Kearns apartment. Today, thanks to the hard work of one Canadian citizen children in our world are safer. One person smelled a rat, and suspecting Terry Wayne Kearns was not who he claimed to be, took the imitative to find out his identity. After searching on the internet, finally the tipster found a picture of Kearns, on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives Website.

Once the tipster saw Richard Steve Goldberg’s picture it was clear Terry Wayne Kearns was an alias, and Goldberg was the Long Beach Child Predator. If you look at Richard Steve Goldberg’s mug shot, you will see he has a distinct receding hairline, weathered face, and thick mustache, all features that are hard to hide and made him easily identifiable.

Terry Wayne Kearns is an alias that Richard Steve Goldberg was using while hiding from authorities. Richard Goldberg’s arrest was peaceful and uneventful according to authorities.

According to the FBI website, Goldberg is likely armed and dangerous. Goldberg is wanted for the sexual exploitation of children (production of child pornography), and the unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. With lewd acts on a child (six counts), possession of child pornography (two counts).

Born November 9, 1945, in Brooklyn New York, Goldberg worked in the past as an engineer in the aerospace industry and was president of a gun club in Long Beach.

In Long Beach California Goldberg would befriend the parents of the children he would molest. After gaining the trust of their parents, Goldberg would then become friends with their daughters. The girls were between the ages of five and eight, all under the age of ten years old.

Parents in the neighborhood used Goldberg as a baby-sitter or for day care while they worked or if they needed someone to watch their children at the last minute. No one suspected he was violent or dangerous.

The children played in his yard with rabbits and ducks he kept as a petting zoo. Inside Goldberg’s home were video games, television and computer games geared for children. He fed the children snacks and drinks. In addition, some of the young girls even traveled with him on short trips.

Ironically, two neighborhood girls who were playing a game on Goldberg’s computer would be his demise. The girls happened across pictures of one of their friends, and in the pictures, Goldberg was molesting their friend. The frightened girls ran home from Goldberg’s house to tell a grown up what they had seen.

The police and FBI began an investigation. What they would find made even seasoned investigators sick. The FBI says that Richard Steve Goldberg allegedly engaged in sexual activities with several female children between the ages of five and eight in Long Beach, California, from January through May of 2001. He also allegedly produced images of these sex acts, and placed them on his computer. On June 14, Richard Steve Goldberg was the FBI’s 474th fugitive listed on the Top Ten Most Wanted List.

The internet has been a catch-22. In the best of times, the net allows friends and family to stay closer. In addition, allows people to meet that would never have the chance to meet otherwise, and unites cultures across thousands of miles. The worldwide web provides access to unlimited information at the touch of one’s fingertips.

Yet, darkness lurks in cyberspace. An evil that is so great it destroys the souls of children. Child exploitation is growing now the internet has taken roots. Parents need to beware of what children do on and off the web, and watch whom they welcome into their homes. In addition, parents should question those who show an unusual interest in a child and wish to spend an extraordinary amount of time with that child. Question the motive and for the relationship.

Parents are more afraid of strangers hurting their child and this is a false sense of security. People they know abuse children. Since the abuser knows, the child rarely is it necessary to use violence. The abuser will groom the child, meaning the abuser slowly increases the physical contact so the child is unaware of what is happening, until it is too late.

Talk to children about their bodies. Teach children the correct words for body parts. Tell children the areas that bathing suits cover are their private areas and that no one should not be touching or hurting those areas. If anyone touches them, they should tell a grownup immediately

Remind children that people should not ask children to touch their private areas either. Finally, it is important to tell children that bad people will make threats to keep them from telling their secrets. They might say if you tell your mom or dad I will kill your little sister or your dog. Tell children, the parent’s job is to keep kids safe. Parent’s can only keep kids safe if the kids tell the parents when someone is hurting them or they are scared.

Here is the web page for Recently Televised Sexual Predators, click on the link and see if you can help put a predator behind bars. In addition, here is a link to the FBI’s Innocent Images National Initiative, which vows to help keep children safe online.

When finished reading the article please fell free to stop in the MEC Forum and voice what is on your mind. I value feedback on articles and safety tips that have worked for other parents in keeping children safe.

Until next time, I send you angels to keep you safe.

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