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Growing Orchids as Houseplants
Orchids growing in your garden, patio provide good visual effects, but how about mystifying your indoor with them? You can grow them as houseplants just as easily. You just need to try.

Diversity and Our Lovely Orchids
Orchids are very fascinating in their are array of flowers, but do you know that orchids show a huge diversity in their other physical features, in their growth habits as well as in the environmental conditions.

Rhynchostylis Retusa - The Foxtail Orchid
Rhynchostylis retusa, also called 'foxtail orchid', has beautiful flowers and is evergreen. It is good plant to grow as houseplant.

Orchid News
Information about various Orchid Festivals being organized around the world.

Pest Control in Orchids
Orchids have pests and diseases like any other plant. Are you looking for easy and cheap ways to get rid of pests? Do you know...

Greenhouse Construction and Other Tips
Some cheap and easy tips to grow orchids.

Arundina Graminifolia - The Bamboo Orchid
Arundina graminifolia, an orchid worth growing which flowers through out the year.

Saprophytic Orchids
Saprophytic orchids the least talked about orchids. Though some of them produce beautiful flowers, but as they are only visible during flowering season growers find them less attractive.

The Orchids of the Sikkim-Himalaya - Book Review
A collector's item; this book contains detailed description as well as drawings of tropical orchids.

The Way Our Orchids Get Their Names
Orchids have some of the very big names. How do these end up having such unpronounceable names? There are rules governing the naming of the orchids. I have put forth some of the basic ones to make it a little clearer.

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