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Fertilizer Use in Orchids
What is the logic behind fertilizer application in orchids? A brief explanation about the fertilizer use and how to prepare leaf mold fertilizer.

How to Extract Fragrance from Orchid Flowers
Orchids produce some very wonderful scents. Learn how to remove these scents from the orchids flowers to make your home more fragrant.

Crows - Friends or Foes of Orchids
Are crows foes or friends of orchids? I found them to be the pests of worst kind, being the most difficult to get rid off!

The Mysterious Orchid Labellum
Lip is the most beautiful part of the orchid flower.

Orchid Flower - The Beautiful Perianth
The beauty of orchid flower is difficult to express in words, but what do you think about the labellum?

Orchid Flora of Arunachal Pradesh
A book on orchid flora of temperate and tropical regions of Arunachal Pradesh (India), provided along are drawing of orchids to help in identification.

Photographing the Orchids
Orchid photography is a fascination hobby. I learnt it bit by bit as I went along collecting my orchids. What is your take on it?

Methods of Orchid Multiplication
The orchids we possess can be multiplied by different ways. What are these?

Different Growth Media for Orchids
When growing orchids, what kind of material is best for the orchids to grow in? Though there are many different options available in the market, you can still try out new materials, keeping in mind the basic requirements of orchids.

Growing Orchids as Houseplants
Orchids growing in your garden, patio provide good visual effects, but how about mystifying your indoor with them? You can grow them as houseplants just as easily. You just need to try.

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