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Shaka Zulu the Military Leader
Historians have ranked Shaka, the great Zulu king, as one of the world's greatest military leaders. His military innovations transformed the Zulu community and gave them pride and passion.

World Aids Day 2013
December the first is World Aids Day. It is a day that needs to be recognised in order to raise awareness of the disease that is still spreading. A lot has been done, but there is so much more that we can do to fight HIV.

Mankala - Africa's Oldest Game
In Africa the game of mankala has connected millions for millennia. Although the basics remain the same, the name of the game changes in different countries and regions where intricacies, features and equipment vary slightly too.

Yaya Toure and Elephant Poaching
Elephant poaching in Africa is becoming a serious concern. It is hoped that the appointment of a high profile soccer star as an ambassador for a program to save the elephants will have a positive impact on elephant numbers

Kigali Memorial Centre
The horrors of the genocide in Rwanda have been remembered at the Kigali Memorial Centre. Here the visitor goes on an emotive journey to understand the impact of the war in 1994, the process of reconciliation and the effect it has had on communities, families and individuals.

Jews of Elephantine Island
When the Jews fled Jerusalem after the Babylonians destroyed the city in the eighth century BC, their decision to go to the Yeb Island was not a popular choice with their elders. To them it was like the Exodus in reverse.

How to Catch a Crocodile
Not many of us have ever needed to catch a crocodile, but it is important for researchers to be able to extract data from crocodiles in order to understand their movements, breeding patterns and behaviors. This helps with conservation projects to ensure we maintain nature's balance.

Hoops 4 Hope - Life Skills through Basketball
This interactive development program was born in Zimbabwe in 1995. Since then the non-profit organization has involved over 10,000 children in more than 150 schools across Southern Africa by using basketball to provide daily sport activities, life skills and HIV education.

Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast
This once thriving, vibrant French colonial port town has been affected by war and civil unrest, but it is hoped that the cultural involvement of the United Nations will revive the city to its former glory.

Egyptian Mummification
The ancient Egyptian belief was that if a body was preserved after death, the person could live in the afterlife forever. The process of mummification thus became a very important aspect of the ancient culture.

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