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Anansi and the Chameleon
It is believed that the stories of Anansi originated in West Africa and most probably in Ghana. The stories then spread to the Caribbean with the Atlantic Slave Trade and eventually to the United States. The oral tradition has allowed the stories of Anansi to take on many adaptations.

'Keeping the Dream' Album Review
Louis Mhlanga uses his music to express his experiences and to connect with daily events. He feels utter happiness and fulfilment when he is able to reach other souls through his music and ‘Keeping the Dream’ does just that.

Traditional Ruler of the Agbor Kingdom
Since 1963 the kings of Nigeria have had no constitutional powers, even though some of them reigned over vast areas of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. The king of the Agbor Kingdom is a traditional ruler, who values his people and is loved in return.

Kizomba Dance of Angola
Dance has traditionally been an important aspect of community across the African continent. It often creates a sense of identity. Sensual and passionate, kizomba dancing from Angola is enjoyed on dance floors around the world.

Djibouti – East African’s Smallest Country
Dwarfed by its neighbors, Ethiopia and Somalia, Djibouti is an untouched secret of East Africa. It has vast landscapes and a wide range of fauna and flora. Meeting the Afar people would be interesting and their unique skill means they will never forget you.

Nelson Mandela, the Man
Nelson Mandela has impacted lives across the planet. His understanding of human nature and his drive and determination to make things right for everyone will always be celebrated in history books and in the hearts of those he touched.

Breastfeeding as Contraception
Africa has a strong breastfeeding culture. Breastfeeding plays an important role in the growth of the population and a woman who breastfeeds gains respect and shows the community she is not HIV positive.

African Slave Trade
It is believed that up to thirteen million Africans were taken from their homes, communities, tribes and families over four hundred years. The slave trade was fueled mostly by a desire for gold and a taste for sugar.

Cape Town was Settled by the Dutch
Europeans settled for the first time on the southern tip of Africa where Cape Town is today. The city is known as 'The Mother City' and was where a very colorful beginning put South Africa on a very interesting path.

Christian Okoye
From the hilly Enugu state in Nigeria to the top of American football, Christian Okoye was the first African-born player in the NFL . His success gave other Africans the confidence to do the same and he is hailed as a “man on a mission”.

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