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3 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas
Three unique Christmas gift ideas

Oven Cooked S'mores
Fix that summer time craving during those long winter months with this recipe for oven cooked S'mores which can be whipped up in literally minutes!

Snow Days
Remember how excited you use to get waking up to find it was a snow day? It was almost as good as Christmas morning! Bring the excitment back to your snow day by trying one (or all) of these fun tips!

Hockey Fan Costume
What's more Canadian then a hockey fan costume? Its easy to make and is a great choice for young as well as the young at heart and even works great for groups!

4 Maple Leaf Crafts For Kids
4 quick and easy maple leaf crafts any kid will love!

Canadian Halloween Costume Tips
Tips on how to choose your costumes wisely and keep your kids snuggly warm this Halloween

Wierd Canadian Laws
Did you know that it is against the law to startle the Queen, or sell her a defective toaster? I bet you did not know it was against the law for a resident of the Northwest Territories to own more then three pets (even if one of them was a hamster)Check out my review of Wierd Canadian Laws

Montreal Then and Now Review
If you are planning a trip to Montreal, Quebec and would like to learn a bit of quick history without spending your entire trip reading pages of fine print then be sure to leave your Frommers at home and instead pick up a copy of Montreal Then and Now by Alan Hustak and Johanne Norchet.

Canadian Bacon Roll-Ups
I made these for my sons second birthday and they were a hit. I thought I made too many but turns out I should have made even more because the treys were empty within minutes. The best thing about these is that it takes no time at all, minimum prep and doesn’t ring up a huge grocery bill.

The Saltlik
If I had to describe the Saltlik in one word it would be creative. They have an amazing talent for taking classic dishes and putting their own spin on it leaving your taste buds craving more.

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