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Card Game Gift Ideas
Card games do not have to just consist of poker and pinochle decks. Here are some ideas for gifts and games to just have around the house for fun times. You could get a few and put together some gift baskets to hand out.

On October 13, 2010, TAPS aired a ghost investigation of the Saratoga Springs History Museum. It is also the former home of the Canfield Casino. Here is the game of Canfield that was started by the former owner of the casino.

Canasta Discards
This article is on the remaining cards and discards in Canasta. They are a very important part of the game.

Canasta Scoring and Strategy Tips
Scoring and strategy tips for the game of Canasta.

Canasta Basics
Canasta means basket in Spanish and Uruguay was the country of origin. Canasta is a game using two decks of 54 cards; this will include the jokers. Four players comprising two teams are the players.

Halloween Card Games
Halloween parties take many forms. Here are some card games that you might want to play at parties. While these games are mostly aimed at the younger generations, people of all ages can join in.

Spades is a trick taking game played with four people that form two teams of two. There are thirteen tricks in each hand. The best strategy toward winning the game is to try to guess exactly how many tricks you will take.

Whist is a game for four players in two teams. Players sit across from each other and that is how the teams are formed. Ace is high and two is low. The rules are very simple and a trump is chosen at random.

Crafts for Card Players
If you like to do crafts and want to give gifts to your favorite card players, this article is full of ideas. If you are a card player yourself, then these ideas may be something you would like to try.

Forming a Card Club
Do you want to form a card club, or just be a member? Here are some ways to find card clubs or start your own.

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