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Namco Museum GBA Classics
Namco Museum lets you play old Atari classics on your GameBoy Advance. These include Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Pole Position, and Ms. Pac-Man!

Shining Soul
A Diablo-esque hack-and slash for the GBA!

Onimusha Tactics
A GBA strategy game set in the Onimusha universe!

Metroid - Zero Mission
A remake of the first Metroid game, with some new features.

Sony PSP Handheld coming in Late 2004
Getting bored with your GameBoy Advance and Nokia handhelds? Sony is coming out with a new handheld, called the PSP, in just a few months!

The Hobbit for the GBA
Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings series? Then you definitely need to pick up The Hobbit, to learn how Bilbo found that magical ring.

N-Gage Memory Card
The N-Gage memory card fits 128mb of MP3s into your Nokia N-Gage for hours of musical fun. Depending on the quality level of your MP3s, this can equal several CDs!

Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town
Harvest Moon has been HUGELY addictive on the SNES and N64. The GBA version is just as addictive - and can be played anywhere!

N-Gage Starter Kit
The N-Gage Starter kit costs around $40 and is recommended to go with your brand new n-gage purchase. Just what is involved in this kit, and is it worth it?

SonicN for the N-Gage
SonicN brings the rolling fun of Sonic into the N-Gage world. The little hedgehog is just perfect on the small screen!

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