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Savory Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe
When the weather gets warm everyone heads out to the yard or patio to start grilling. These easy to make savory grilled chicken wings are delicious.

Fried Calamari with Two Dipping Sauces Recipe
Do you love calamari but have never cooked it? It's easy to do, the trick is not to overcook the little tubes. Add an easy spicy hot marinara sauce to complement the calamari.

Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese Sandwich Recipe
These little grilled cheese sandwiches are usually made with Mozzarella cheese. In restaurants they are called Mozzarella in Carrozza. When made with Pepper Jack cheese they become delicious hot 'n spicy cheese nuggets.

Spicy Tomato and Sausage Quiche Recipe
There is a saying that real men don't eat quiche, there may have been a book with that title as well. Maybe they did not eat quiche because it had no kick to it. Rest assured that you can serve this spicy tomato and sausage quiche to men and they will eat it.

Spicy Shrimp and Corn Stir-fry Recipe
I like this spicy shrimp and corn stir-fry recipe because it calls for fresh corn that is still on the cob.

Asian Style Grilling Marinade Recipe
If you are grilling outside for a crowd, make this Asian style marinade for grilled chicken wings, pork chops, fish or shrimp. This marinade is cooked to get full flavor then brushed on item just 15 minutes before grilling.

Spicy Borlotti Beans Recipe
Borlotti or Cranberry beans have a great buttery taste. They are similar in flavor to the cannellini bean, but have a bigger flavor. If you have not tried them, look for them at your supermarket in the dried beans section.

Pork Chops Etouffee Recipe
You can think of Pork Chops Etouffee as a fancy name for smothered pork chops. Your bread of choice should be a tasty coarse wheat bread from your local bakery.

Brunswick Stew with Chile Pepper Recipe
I have read conflicting articles about the origin of Brunswick Stew. The most credible seems to be that this stew was originally prepared with squirrel meat and stale bread around the 1800's by an African American cook named Jimmy Matthews.

Jerk Pork or Beef Recipe
There are so many jerk seasoning recipes. This one works for me because these are herbs and spices that I generally have in my kitchen cabinet.

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