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Lamb Chops in Spicy Yogurt Sauce Recipe
Lamb Chops in Spicy Yogurt Sauce made with creamier Greek yogurt.

Curried Potato and Leek Soup Recipe
Chilled soup or vichyssoise makes a light lunch when served with lightly buttered toast points or melba toast. Or serve as part of a full meal. Salmon steaks are an excellent addition. See our easy salmon cooked in white wine recipe.

Spicy Italian Sausage Meatballs Recipe
The most obvious way to serve these spicy meatballs is over spaghetti or other pasta. However, they are also good served with pepper and eggs with crusty bread at brunch.

Spicy Grilled Sirloin Steak with Onions Recipe
Steaks grilled on a stove top grill can be just as tasty as those grilled a big grill outdoors.

Spicy Chicken Wing Recipes
Two chicken wing recipes, one marinated in Ginger Ale, Soy Sauce and brown sugar, the other marinated in olive oil and garlic powder. Both delicious and group friendly

Quick And Easy Spiced Pinto Beans
It´s true you can make good spicy pinto beans with canned beans. This is an easy dish for those who want Mexican type beans but are not fond of, or want a change from, refried beans.

Keep Your Spices Ready For Use
We all love the look of a full spice rack hanging on the wall or in a stand but remember that spices should be kept in a cool place that is dry and away from heat and sun.

Spicy Sauteed Mushrooms Over Toast Recipe
Wonderful for late breakfast or brunch. These spicy sauteed mushrooms can be elegant over toast triangles. Serve with poached or scrambled eggs and broiled tomatoes.

Spicy Mustard Green Soup - Chinese Style
Chinese Mustard Green Soup is an excellent flavorful light but filling soup. The soup gets its spiciness from the greens. Bok choy may be used instead of mustard greens but the soup will lose some of its spiciness.

Homemade Salsa Recipe
Make your own salsa, it only takes a few ingredients and a few minutes.

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