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Tai Chi in Olympics Opening Ceremony
In a spectacular opening ceremony for the 2008 Summer Olympics Games held in Beijing, China, a well choreographed Wu Shu Tai Chi performance was held.

Valerie Gotay - 2008 Olympics Judo Star
Valerie Gotay is one of three women participating in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Judo competitions and perhaps one of the most interesting backgrounds that exemplify the spirit of the Olympics.

History of Judo in the Olympics
This is a brief history of Judo in the Olympics.

Should Martial Arts be in the Olympics?
Awhile ago, I had gotten into a discussion with someone about if Martial Arts should be in the Olympics or not. Here are some of the thoughts. What do you think?

Martial Arts and the Olympics
Martial Arts is a fairly new addition to the modern day Olympics. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, the original premise of the Olympics was based on “martial” concepts.

Using video and photo in you Martial Arts training
A picture is worth a thousand words. Use it to improve your Martial Arts

Protecting against colds while doing Martial Arts
It never fails. When one person in a Martial Arts school gets a cold or flu, normally more than half of the rest of the school will also pick it up within a week. While you can’t prevent this from happening, there are some precautions you can use with your equipment to minimize it from happening.

Two Morning Martial Arts Exercises
One of the things I love about warmer weather is the ability to work outside. Here are 2 morning Chi Kung exercises you can do to start your day even if you don´t know Martial Arts.

Tips for Martial Arts While on Vacation
Are you planning a trip soon and worried you´ll miss out on your Martial Arts Training? Here are some helpful tips that can help keep you sharp.

Martial Arts Camp Parent Tips
Good weather often brings about thoughts of Martial Arts camps and the excitement of taking your training in to a new level. Here are some tips to prepare parents for the season.

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