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Martial Arts Training Tip - Wandering Eye
One of the main mistakes that I often see from new Tai Chi students is what we call in our school the "wandering eye". It´s easy to spot if you´re watching the student perform but one of the harder habits to train out of someone.

Martial Arts Birthday Party
Looking for some ideas for your child´s next birthday party? Why not try a Martial Arts Birthday Party?

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts
The ties between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts is strong and based on the similar concepts which support both – the basis of those concepts being an understanding of the human body.

Teaching a Relative in Martial Arts
Teaching your relatives, be it a sibling, parent, spouse, or loved one can be challenging. But with a few tips, it can also be a rewarding and bonding experience.

Mixed Martial Arts
A brief introduction to Mixed Martial Arts and a discussion around some of the controversy surrounding it.

Autism and Martial Arts
Martial Arts can be a tool that helps children with Autism. Find out more here.

Jealousy and Martial Arts
Inevitably, at some point in your training, you´ll be faced with the evil green-eyed monster of jealousy. Here are some tips to overcoming them.

Drunken Style of Martial Arts
Some of my favorite forms to watch are drunken styles of Martial Arts. They also happen to be one of the hardest to perform properly – mainly because the very premise of the drunken style is to be soft when one is normally hard.

Protect your Joints in Martial Arts
Protecting the body, especially the joints, will extend your enjoyment and growth in Martial Arts.

Protecting the Zone in Martial Arts
Protecting the "zone" is an important part of a good defense in Martial Arts. Start learning some basics here.

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