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Why Independence Day Important to Martial Arts
Martial Arts has a special bond with the basic concepts behind Independence Day. Come find out why in this article.

Do You Move Your Whole Body in Martial Arts?
One of the keys to becoming a great Martial Artist is understanding how your body is all connected and to be able to move your whole body with each movement.

Coldplay Takes on Martial Arts in Latest Video
In Coldplay's newest music video, their lead singer Chris Martin joins Rihanna in a display of magical Martial Arts storyline. The setting seems fitting for a song titled "Princess of China".

Hello… and no I don't do Mixed Martial Arts
There is more to Martial Arts than just UFC. Read on and let me know if you agree.

Martial Artist to Carry Olympic Torch
Mitchell Allen at the young age of 18 has a lot to look forward to... none the least of which is getting to carry the Olympic Torch today!

Jackie Chan to Retire
Could it be true? The great Jackie Chan will no longer be doing martial arts films?

Is Chen Zhen real?
Anyone who has watched Fist of Fury or Fist of Legend will be familiar with the main character, Chen Zhen. But is he a real person?

Meditation and Martial Arts
Meditation is a great supplement to your Martial Arts training. Read on to find out why and some tips as to how to get started today!

Hydrate for optimal performance
Even Martial Artists need to consider hydrating properly when working out. Here are some quick tips to recognizing dehydration and the proper hydrating routine.

Soccer Easier Than Martial Arts?
Dana White recently made just that statement. But there is much more in common with soccer and Martial Arts than he gave it credit. Read on to find out how the two are closely related.

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