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Developing Observation Skills in Martial Arts
Using observation in your Martial Arts can help to make you a master at details like Sherlock Holmes.

The Karate Kid - Then and Now
The Karate Kid, Then and Now, takes a look at the original Karate Kid and the new.

Putting Your Heel First in Martial Arts
Have you ever thought about what part of the foot you use most often? Its probably not the heel. Yet that's exactly what Wing Chun does. Find out how using the heel of your foot might give you the upper advantage in Martial Arts.

Spy Next Door - Movie Review
The timeless Jackie Chan in "Spy Next Door", an action-romantic-comedy with a family focus. Check out my review here.

MMA Sanctions - Good Business or Bad Influence?
As the UFC continues its journey to become sanctioned in more places around the world, we take a moment to review the controversy.

Pregnancy and Martial Arts
Are you pregnant? Here are a couple of simple Tai Chi exercises that you can do to help prepare your body and relieve some of the pains of pregnancy.

Martial Arts going Green
Is your school green? Maybe it's time to start considering ways to integrate being green with your Martial Arts training

Guinness World Record for Most Tai Chi Performers
On August 8, 2009, China entered the Guinness Book of World records again for having the most people performing Tai Chi at once.

Kicks and Martial Arts
One of the distinguishing characters of Martial Arts from other fighting styles, such as fencing or boxing, is kicks. They are by far not one-dimensional, stick foot forward and hit. Find out more here.

Review of Budokon - Flow & Flexibility
For those interested in both yoga and Martial Arts, budokon might be a good route for you to take. Just be aware that these videos are not for the shy and undertrained.

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